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How can blockchain help create better public services?

Blockchain can be hard to grasp and, despite popular belief, it is more than just cryptocurrency. It is the technology that enables it and it’s...

7 steps for SMEs looking to embark on digital transformation

Small and medium enterprises across Southeast Asia are looking to invest in digital technologies within the next three years as the key enabler to...

ASEAN offers silver lining as dark clouds hover over the horizon

As the common English phrase goes, it never rains but it pours! 

ASEAN offers silver lining as dark clouds hover over the horizon

As the common English phrase goes, it never rains but it pours! 

Malaysian construction headed for a rebound: Report

The report cited as potential stimuli the Malaysian government’s return to infrastructure mega-projects that had been put on ice.

Integration and innovation key to ASEAN’s next stage of growth

The concept of smart cities and Industry 4.0 took centre stage at the ASEAN Conference 2019, held earlier this month, even as participants...

Narrow tax base could hamper M'sian fiscal consolidation: report

It could also limit the fiscal space to counter adverse economic shocks

Malaysia by-election losses raise risk of reactive fiscal policy

There is a rising risk of more reactive fiscal policy in the run-up to the Sandakan by-election in Sabah, Malaysia, resulting in more subsidy...

Asean electric vehicle market to take off from 2025: Bain

Growth may be led by fleets or two-wheelers instead of passenger cars

Indonesia outperforms for geothermal energy: Fitch Solutions

The country is second only to the US in estimated geothermal power capacity

Solar power gets more cost-competitive in Asean

RENEWABLE energy sources can be just as or even more cost-competitive than conventional power in South-east Asia, a study by the Asean-German...

Online grocery sales in Asia to rocket; market share in SEA remains small

The market share of online grocery sales in Southeast Asia is expected to remain small despite these markets seeing some of the fastest growth...

Tourists may skip Thailand as baht makes gains: Report

Tourist arrivals were up by just 1.6 per cent on the year prior in the first five months of 2019.

Digital is the key to success in ASEAN banking

A discussion over the global economic outlook usually revolves around the likes of the US, Europe, Japan, China and India. But another economic...

E-cigs threaten up to 5% of Indonesian market for smokes: Report

Maybank Kim Eng lowered its medium-term outlook on the industry from “positive” to “neutral”.

Vietnam factories buoyed by diversion from China: Report

But other value-added factors will also increasingly come into play in regional markers, the report suggested.

US-China tariff conflict not the only dynamic shaping Asia Pacific’s trade and investment landscape

As the US-China talks “pause” their tariff conflict, and other bilateral trade relations such as US-Japan and US-India continue to grab headlines...