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Better business outcomes and employee experiences with digital workflows

Singapore employees are optimistic about the new opportunities workplace automation will bring, although they remain apprehensive about having to...

E-payments pave the way for a closer-knit Asean: Report

CASH is still king in South-east Asia, but a slew of digital payment methods could make regional transactions much simpler.

Setting up a Fintech in Singapore: Market opportunities and navigating the regulatory environment

Michael Correa sheds light on the key opportunities in the Singapore market for aspiring fintechs,...

Indonesia: accelerating urban transportation development with public-private partnership

Indonesia's rapid urban transportation development is creating vast opportunities for collaboration and investments for the private sector.

Credit woes, HCMC slump loom over Vietnam real estate

Restrictions on expansion in Ho Chi Minh City has worsened the prospects for mass-market launches outside the central area.

Real estate markets across Asia kick off 2019 on a positive note

Real estate markets across Asia generally started 2019 on a positive note with friendly government policies, tax reforms and infrastructure...

Robust growth prospects but prominent risks for Cambodia: Moody's

In particular, the potential loss of preferential trade access could hurt exports

Fresh spending package gives little boost to Thai economy: Analysts

THAILAND’S latest stimulus package may not be a cure-all for economic woes, private analysts have warned, as domestic demand joins export woes and...

Vietnam alive and kicking as US-China trade war spurs export growth

THE Vietnamese economy is proving resilient, even as regional neighbours swoon.

Malaysia by-election losses raise risk of reactive fiscal policy

There is a rising risk of more reactive fiscal policy in the run-up to the Sandakan by-election in Sabah, Malaysia, resulting in more subsidy...

Situational analysis if Pheu Thai-led coalition government emerges: Control Risks

The violent and highly disruptive repercussions of political conflict in Thailand since 2008 should convince even the most sanguine that the...

Asean has gained from US Asia policy: researchers

Trump's focus on North-east Asia has spared Asean markets from trade action...

Indonesia outperforms for geothermal energy: Fitch Solutions

The country is second only to the US in estimated geothermal power capacity

Solar power gets more cost-competitive in Asean

RENEWABLE energy sources can be just as or even more cost-competitive than conventional power in South-east Asia, a study by the Asean-German...

Ramping up the fight for renewable energy

For all of the pride Atem Ramsundersingh feels about finally being able to unveil the fruits of the past six years of labour, the picture is still...

Maturing Thai mobile market raises risks for telcos

Thai telecom operators are likely to continue to face pressure on mobile-service revenues, beset by slowing growth in data revenue. 

Asean tourism: room to grow but more needs to be done

Watch out for infrastructure gaps and over-reliance on casinos: report

South-east Asia a rising star for cross-border deals: Poll

A cool 69 per cent of survey respondents said that their companies were likely to hunt for opportunities in Asean.

Enhancing the competitiveness of the Indonesian export service

The expansion of the types of exported services that are subject to 0% VAT will enhance the competitiveness of Indonesia's national services...

Full trade war could cut Asia growth by 2pp through 2020: economists

This would be the case even with easier monetary and fiscal policies, said Deutsche Bank Asia economists

Vietnam alive and kicking as US-China trade war spurs export growth

THE Vietnamese economy is proving resilient, even as regional neighbours swoon.