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How Singapore can prepare for its Southeast Asian future: Linda Lim

That Singapore's economic future lies with Southeast Asia, is not in doubt, says Dr Linda Lim. How then, might Singapore prepare itself for such...

Here's what the ADB predicts for Asean's economies in 2018 and 2019

The Asian Development Bank has published its annual Asian Development Outlook report, and along with it, forecasts for the various Asian economies...


Greater uncertainty ahead for Asean in 2019: AMRO

In its monthly update for January, the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office sees greater uncertainty ahead in 2019.

Philippines on track for strong growth in 2019: Citi

Strong growth expected to continue though politics could be a distraction, says Citi.

Asean cities among top 20 for 'momentum' in JLL index

Four Asean cities rank among the world's top for socio-economic and commercial real estate momentum...

Indonesia challenged to pare current account deficit despite oil price 'windfall'

FALLING oil prices could be “an unexpected windfall” for Indonesia, which is running a current account deficit - but the country still faces unique...

On the edge of a new Cold War

DECADES after the 1970s era of detente wound down the tension between the world's two most powerful nations, a new cold war is putting the...