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How Singapore can prepare for its South-east Asian future: Linda Lim

That Singapore's economic future lies with South-east Asia, is not in doubt, says Dr Linda Lim. How then, might Singapore prepare itself for such...

Here's what the ADB predicts for Asean's economies in 2018 and 2019

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has published its annual Asian Development Outlook report, and along with it, forecasts for the various Asian...


Robust growth prospects but prominent risks for Cambodia: Moody's

In particular, the potential loss of preferential trade access could hurt exports

Fresh spending package gives little boost to Thai economy: Analysts

THAILAND’S latest stimulus package may not be a cure-all for economic woes, private analysts have warned, as domestic demand joins export woes and...

Vietnam alive and kicking as US-China trade war spurs export growth

THE Vietnamese economy is proving resilient, even as regional neighbours swoon.

Latest figures support expectations of Malaysia slowdown

Economists see the possibility of a rate cut ahead

Small firms in Vietnam, Indonesia most optimistic about 2019: survey

Out of 10 Asia-Pacific markets surveyed, five Asean countries also performed the best in 2018

Mid-sized firms must go digital, regional: StanChart

Standard Chartered report identifies key strategies for Asean mid-corporates

CLMV region not immune to China slowdown: Maybank

China plays a significant role in the bloc's exports, infrastructure, and tourism

Indonesia's external debt rising steadily, remains healthy: Economist

INDONESIA’S external debt is still at healthy levels, according to one economist.

China demand for palm oil to pick up: analysts

Stockpile stayed stagnant in February but may lessen in coming months

ANZ trims Thai GDP hopes, on soft exports

A broad-based weakness, including falls in agriculture and manufacturing volumes, has led Thailand’s exports to under-perform the rest of the...