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Maturing Thai mobile market raises risks for telcos

Thai telecom operators are likely to continue to face pressure on mobile-service revenues, beset by slowing growth in data revenue. 

Asean tourism: room to grow but more needs to be done

Watch out for infrastructure gaps and over-reliance on casinos: report

South-east Asia a rising star for cross-border deals: Poll

A cool 69 per cent of survey respondents said that their companies were likely to hunt for opportunities in Asean.

APAC gaming growth threatens Philippine casinos

THE dice are rolling in the Asia-Pacific - and they could come up snake eyes for the Philippines.

New malls set to sprout in 'highly competitive' Bangkok in 2019

Retailers could expect their average rents to hold steady or even dip, “as new tenants pay their rents with a percentage of their gross profit”,...

South-east Asian consumer growth could spark joy for companies

While the hard-travelling, free-spending Chinese are expected to drive a hefty chunk of growth, the South-east Asian consumer market is not to be...

Mobile devices drive Pinoy shoppers

Some 90.8 per cent of consumers in the Philippines look up products on their phones while in store, according to a recent global consumer report....

Southeast Asian merchants lead in benefiting from Chinese mobile payment: Nielsen report

Southeast Asian merchants are leading those in other regions in benefiting from Chinese mobile payment, according to data from the 2018 Trends for...

China tourism to Asean slowing: report

The China tourism boom is fizzling, with China visitor arrivals easing across most Asean countries in late 2018, say Maybank Kim Eng economists....