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Philippines winning diverted US-China trade: Analysts

As global trade tensions single out the technology sector for attention, electronics exports from the Philippines to both markets rose.

Vietnam a bright spot amid trade tensions: economists

Robust domestic demand and FDI inflows should help achieve 6.7% growth in 2019

Small Thai vendors to benefit from rising prices: Report

MOM-AND-POP retailers in Thailand could benefit from upcoming inflation, even though earlier downward pressure on prices have eaten into sales, a...

Chinese money grows again in Asean as supply chains move

The latest ramp-up in Asean-based project funding came against a backdrop of slowing Chinese investment in other economies.

E-cigs threaten up to 5% of Indonesian market for smokes: Report

Maybank Kim Eng lowered its medium-term outlook on the industry from “positive” to “neutral”.

Vietnam factories buoyed by diversion from China: Report

But other value-added factors will also increasingly come into play in regional markers, the report suggested.

US-China tariff conflict not the only dynamic shaping Asia Pacific’s trade and investment landscape

As the US-China talks “pause” their tariff conflict, and other bilateral trade relations such as US-Japan and US-India continue to grab headlines...

Many non-tariff barriers remain in Asean: report

Failure to tackle these could jeopardise AEC 2025 targets

Asean+3 growth forecast lowered to 4.9%: report

The Asean+3 Macroeconomic Research Office has lowered its estimate in the wake of trade tensions

Growing wave of companies announcing supply chain shifts

The number of companies announcing supply chain shifts more than doubled in March-April compared with the first two months of the year, according...