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Many non-tariff barriers remain in Asean: report

Failure to tackle these could jeopardise AEC 2025 targets

Asean+3 growth forecast lowered to 4.9%: report

The Asean+3 Macroeconomic Research Office has lowered its estimate in the wake of trade tensions

Growing wave of companies announcing supply chain shifts

The number of companies announcing supply chain shifts more than doubled in March-April compared with the first two months of the year, according...

Supply chains may be shifting to Vietnam: reports

Economists note that FDI from China, Hong Kong has surged

Asean needs to improve capabilities, integration to benefit from supply chain diversion: HSBC

Southeast Asia cannot expect to see a wide-scale divergence of supply chains moving to the region unless there are improvements in technology,...

US's Huawei ban amplifies downside risk on Asian semiconductor cycle

ASEAN's semiconductor exports to China, particularly Malaysia's, could be directly hurt, following the...

Enhancing the competitiveness of the Indonesian export service

The expansion of the types of exported services that are subject to 0% VAT will enhance the competitiveness of Indonesia's national services...

Full trade war could cut Asia growth by 2pp through 2020: economists

This would be the case even with easier monetary and fiscal policies, said Deutsche Bank Asia economists

Vietnam alive and kicking as US-China trade war spurs export growth

THE Vietnamese economy is proving resilient, even as regional neighbours swoon.

Asean region gets more attractive for global factories

SOUTH-EAST Asia is home to some of the world’s cheapest production for global manufacturers, according to a new industry ranking index.