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Enhancing the competitiveness of the Indonesian export service

The expansion of the types of exported services that are subject to 0% VAT will enhance the competitiveness of Indonesia's national services...

Full trade war could cut Asia growth by 2pp through 2020: economists

This would be the case even with easier monetary and fiscal policies, said Deutsche Bank Asia economists

Vietnam alive and kicking as US-China trade war spurs export growth

THE Vietnamese economy is proving resilient, even as regional neighbours swoon.

Asean region gets more attractive for global factories

SOUTH-EAST Asia is home to some of the world’s cheapest production for global manufacturers, according to a new industry ranking index.

US demand not enough to save Q1 Asean exports

The electronics sector suffered more than others - led by the downturn in semiconductors.

South-east Asian consumer growth could spark joy for companies

While the hard-travelling, free-spending Chinese are expected to drive a hefty chunk of growth, the South-east Asian consumer market is not to be...

Vietnam factories are winning the trade war: S&P Panjiva analyst

VIETNAM could be scooping up factory and trade opportunities from the US-China trade war, one supply chain research analyst believes.

Asean has gained from US Asia policy: researchers

Trump's focus on North-east Asia has spared Asean markets from trade action...

Myanmar garment workers caught in global tug-of-war

THE garment sector in Myanmar faces challenges to its commercial survival, with the possibility of losing tariff-free status in the European Union...

Grow better, not faster, to build an international business

Starting a business has never been easier, but scaling one has never been harder. For those that do succeed in their home markets, formulating...