Grand Shanghai gets a facelift

AGE is such a relative thing. When you're 20, you're in the prime of your youth. In dog years, you're long overdue at the kennel in the sky. In restaurant years, you're dancing in has-been territory, duking it out with younger, nimbler players for a share of the fickle, trend-fixated crowd we...

Window To The Past

The old-school photo studio that barely exists anymore once proliferated in the 1890s in the Stamford Road vicinity, where Chinese photographers built up a thriving business taking photos for people in the days before the iPhone and idiot-proof cameras.

Recycled Luxury

Swiss sustainable fashion label SOTTES makes its Singapore debut in a shop-in-shop concept in Surrender’s flagship store which showcases its whimsical but rebellious designs made from recycled material in a zero-waste environment.


A VUE to a grill

WHEN you're stuck in a rut, what you need is a change of view. A new name. A fresh perspective.

Original Treats

Origin+Bloom looks like a casual takeaway cake and sandwich shop in Marina Bay Sands, but the chilled display houses an array of Michelin starworthy treats.

New Wave Korean Cuisine

AS THE WORLD becomes smaller and the likes of Michelin and 50Best continue to widen their reach, Seoul is fast gaining steam as a dining destination to watch. 

Monday Meal Deals

Chase away the Monday blues with a special meal deal at Indigo Blue Kitchen which now opens its doors on the first day of the work week.

House of Coco

Step into the inner sanctum of Coco Chanel in Mademoiselle Privé in Tokyo - the fifth city to house this exhibition that delves into the creative mindset of the style icon.

Treasures from the Deep South: the heart of Korean cuisine

BY ANY STRETCH of the tongue, Jeollanam-do is a real twister. But when it comes to food, nothing could be more straightforward – because when it comes to Korean culinary history, this southernmost province is where it all began.

Farm-to-table dining in Taipei

THEY'RE NOT TRYING to sell ice to the eskimos, but serving locally grown ingredients to Taiwanese diners proved harder than they thought when they were starting out, say chefs Richie Lin, Jimmy Lim and Ryohei Hieda, who are now considered the pioneers of the sustainable dining movement in their...


Heart over haute at Roketto Izakaya

AN Instagram story led us to Roketto. One of those cellphone videos of evil dried shrimp sambal aka hae bee hiam, cloaked in chilli and oil, skating smoothly around a hot pan of pain. With a handful of deep-fried oysters, al dente spaghettini and shreds of omelette, it completes the torture it...

Craft Kingdom

Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture is home to all manner of exquisite craft and food, and it’s put some of its best on show at its first-ever Singapore pop-up store in Ngee Ann City.

Dinner With A Vue

From Me to Vue - after a massive revamp, the former me@OUE has shed its split dining personality and turned into simply VUE, a glossy new dining and lifestyle destination on the penthouse of OUE Bayfront in Collyer Quay.

Scare Tactics

For a hell-raising time this Halloween, stuff and scare yourself silly as Pan Pacific Singapore's Edge restaurant transforms itself into a ghoulish graveyard filled with plenty of food and spooktacular puns.

Dubai Deal

If you're headed to Dubai anytime soon, set aside a couple of nights to explore this city of razzmatazz, courtesy of Emirates.

Chinese food, western-style, at Imperial Treasure

WE'RE back. It's been just a couple of months since we stepped into Imperial Treasure's newest reiteration in Great World City, but we've been lured back by its newly-installed restaurant-in-restaurant concept with the fancy title of "Tasting Room". 

Coffee Cachet

For an out-of-Singapore cafe feel, the new Baccha Coffee brings exotic Morocco to ION Orchard with its shiny, brass and silver-accented boutique and lounge.

The logic behind Japanese pizza

WHEN it comes to pizza, make ours Japanese. When you have a breed of chefs who consistently beat natural-born Italians (and other cuisines they put their mind to) at their own food game, it's really a no-brainer decision. And when Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC dangles a past winner of the Napoli...

Autumn Treats

When the weather cools and Fall starts to show its true colours, that's when some of the best produce in Japan starts to appear.

The Business Of Michelin

THE DUST HAS settled on the recent Michelin awards, and the excitement of adding a star or three to a restaurant's name has now given way to the real task at hand - maintaining this accolade and even tackling the next challenge of moving up the ranks.

Ramen Stars

If the only thing better than one Michelin-starred ramen is TWO Michelin-starred ramen, then check out the new ramen stall at Picnic Food Park in Wisma Atria which is a venture with the two-starred Seizan restaurant in Tokyo.


In praise of Putien

IF YOU'RE in the mood for a happy meal, McDonald's isn't your only choice. The newly re-opened Putien branch in ION Orchard practically bubbles over in unbridled good cheer and self-promotion - which would be off-putting if they weren't so gleefully un-selfconscious about it.

Hawker Fete

There's no squabbling about whether Malaysian hawker food is better than Singapore's or vice versa when street food vendors from both sides of the Causeway cook side by side at Gardens By The Bay this weekend.


Definitive Ducasse

BBR by Alain Ducasse. It could be XYZ, ABC or UMMGNOOF - it doesn't matter what letters they put in front, because people will only see two words: Alain Ducasse. He is THE MAN after all. So if you have no emotional connection to Raffles' original Bar and Billiard Room - which Monsieur D has...

Feast At Raffles

Enjoy free flow food, booze and entertainment while doing a good deed at ‘An Iconic Return - The Raffles Reopening Festival 2019' on Oct 18.