MARKET conditions are making correlations less effective for building effective portfolios.

A HUNT for yield is prompting South Korean investors to pile tens of billions of dollars into unconventional assets abroad, raising risks of losses on unfamiliar products.


MANY people perceive that environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration means sacrificing performance, because they believe that ESG integration is the same as screening out companies and...

LOSSES from cyber attacks loom large for businesses and governments, but the world is under-insured against the threat, says Lloyd's of London chief executive John Neal.

A NEW breed of environmentally conscious investor is starting to bet against losers in the race to save the planet.

NIKKO Asset Management (AM) is positioning itself as a global asset manager with a "unique Asian DNA", declares Eleanor Seet, Nikko AM Asia's president and director.

WHERE does China stand on urbanisation in the coming decades, now that 60 per cent of its population lives in urban areas, up from a mere 18 per cent in 1978?


BRICS, one of the most powerful concepts to emerge in political economy this century, makes little sense today, S&P Global Ratings said in an emailed note last week. But even if that's true...


FROM October 2015, when the AlphaGo Artificial Intelligence (AI) first beat a professional human competitor, to January 2018, several months after it defeated Ke Jie, the top-ranked player in the...

LEVERAGED loan investors are getting increasingly angsty, and their fear may be a harbinger of more pain coming in credit markets.