The market continued its steady ascent over the past week to improved levels.

The past week marked one of the busier periods for Capesizes this year.

The market continues to ebb and flow with a generally positive up trend. The Capesize 5TC opened with upward momentum from last week's $11,621 and nudged to over $12,000. It then dropped to $11,...

The market continued its rollercoaster ride last week opening with negative sentiment, but turning around in dramatic fashion by the week's end.

The market last week was a tale of two halves, with substantial volatility.

Following the holidays, activity increased in both the Pacific and Atlantic Basins.

The market saw a steep ascent from the depths of last week. The Baltic Capesize Index (BCI) 5TC opened on Monday at $5,099, although by Friday's close most gains were lost, and it finished up at $...

The Capesize market over the past week looked to have found a floor on Tuesday with the BCI 5TC at $3,460 before firming into the rest of the week, ending at $4,881.

The Capesize market endured another week of frustrating troughs as rates languished at near historical lows. Monday's Baltic Capesize Index (BCI) route 5TC posted an index down -145 to settle...

The big ships endured heavy losses last week extinguishing any hopes from the recent minor rally.