AS SINGAPORE'S bicentennial year draws to a close, what is its impact on brand Singapore?


ONCE the stuff of dystopian science-fiction, facial recognition is fast becoming part of everyday life.


RANKED first for its digital infrastructure in the Economist Intelligence Unit's latest Asian Digital Transformation Index, Singapore has announced plans to roll out at least two 5G networks by...

ACCORDING to Oliver Wyman Forum's inaugural Global Cities AI Disruption Index, Singapore topped the list of 105 cities most ready for AI disruption, thanks to its strong performance in the vision...

STARTING a business across South-east Asia often feels as easy as getting a new passport stamp these days - it seems that all you need is a salesperson and a WeWork hotdesk and you have yourself...

IS CHRISTMAS early and you-know-who is coming to town? No, it isn't Santa Claus, at least not yet. It's the internal auditor and he knows when you have been bad or good.


AMID the slew of corporate results and other regulatory filings this week, there was one unusual announcement (or should it be pleading?) by a company on the Singapore Exchange's watch list.


WHEN the end came, it was swift and the difference it made on the ground was immediately felt.

A SIGN carried by one of the more than a million Chileans demonstrating on Oct 25 read: "Neoliberalism was born in Chile; it is dying in Chile." You'd think the obituary rings true, if you judge...