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Coronavirus brings digital banking risks and rewards

Players should ramp up digitalisation during the coronavirus pandemic - but they’ll have to be pickier about clientele, too.

Thailand healthtech field set to grow: Report

The value of Thailand’s overall medical device market is pegged to hit US$1.45 billion in 2020.

State support could boost 5G deployment in Vietnam: report

VIETNAM could see the earliest 5G services commercialised by mid-2020, thanks to strong support from the...

Rated project, infrastructure firms in Asia well-placed to manage refinancing: Moody's

Upcoming maturities are concentrated in investment-grade companies

Reform needed to improve progress on regional infrastructure growth: Report

INFRASTRUCTURE plans in Indonesia and the Philippines need a major overhaul to achieve their ambitious growth goals, according to research from...

Exposure to coronavirus disruption low for majority of APAC infrastructure companies

Of the nearly 200 rated infrastructure issuers in Asia-Pacific, 68 per cent have low exposure to disruption from the coronavirus, 23 per cent have...

Post-Covid activity recovering in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia

The recovery of domestic tourism could also aid the hospitality and aviation sectors, said Maybank Kim Eng economists.

Asian economies to seek diversification post-Covid-19: report

This includes reducing a reliance on single sectors such as tourism, said a Fitch Solutions report

Vietnam tipped to be most resilient regional economy amid virus crisis

The Vietnamese economy is still tipped to stay in positive territory in 2020 with a 1 per cent expansion, despite the sharp slowdown from the 7...

From SARs to COVID-19: Reflections on ASEAN’s collective response to public health crises

As the COVID-19 crisis was intensifying in the region in February and March, commentators from the media and academia noted that ASEAN was slow to...

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore may see recovery in Q1 2021: report

Export-oriented economies in South-east Asia could take longer to recover from the coronavirus-led slowdown,...

Vietnam exemplary in handling of Covid-19: report

Having learnt at least some lessons from the Sars crisis of 2003, at least five Asian economies have flattened...

Rated project, infrastructure firms in Asia well-placed to manage refinancing: Moody's

Upcoming maturities are concentrated in investment-grade companies

Sustainable Energy Future for Asean? Cities Decide

For several weeks now people around the world have been starting and ending their day with the updates on the ongoing global pandemic. This piece...

Higher oil prices to boost Malaysia's growth, hit S'pore: Barclays

But monetary policy in the region is unlikely to be swayed, said the analysts

Dark data is an invisible carbon footprint

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some unexpected positive environmental consequences. With economies now at a virtual standstill, carbon...

Credit harder to come by as Philippine banks turn wary on loans

Maybank Kim Eng analysts warned that lenders are turning cautious on the back of expectations of a decline in asset quality.

Asia's oncoming labour pangs to be "unprecedented"

THE oncoming rise in unemployment will dwarf that during the global financial crisis (GFC) said ANZ Research in a report on Friday, adding that it...

New online channel for Thailand's food wholesalers to access region

SMALL businesses in Thailand’s food manufacturing and wholesale trade industries have been encouraged to buy and sell across regional borders.

Regional automakers' supply, sales to take a hit from pandemic

Markets such as Thailand could see production stoppages, Fitch analysts warned.

Product standards glut could pose non-tariff trade barrier: Researcher

These measures could also be used in trade protectionism, said University of Malaya professor Evelyn S. Devadason.