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Digital habits on the rise in Southeast Asia as the new normal approaches: Mastercard study

EVEN as countries in the region start to ease restrictions and prepare for a "new normal", Mastercard Impact Studies says some of the trends and...

Asean consumers keen to try new digi-bank players

Three in four consumers would bank online, according to a poll of more than 5,100 people across seven Asean...

Limited market boost from Vietnam telco network-sharing: Report

State-linked operators still have the upper hand in the market, according to analysts.

Rated project, infrastructure firms in Asia well-placed to manage refinancing: Moody's

Upcoming maturities are concentrated in investment-grade companies

Reform needed to improve progress on regional infrastructure growth: Report

INFRASTRUCTURE plans in Indonesia and the Philippines need a major overhaul to achieve their ambitious growth goals, according to research from...

Tourism slump to weigh down Thailand economy for years: Report

Citi analyst Nalin Chutchotitham expects economic activity to rebound to 2019 levels only in mid-2022.

China-Asean trade strengthens amid lockdowns and icy US relations

Trade data reaffirmed that China's trade focus is pivoting, DBS Group Research said.

Average GDP in Asean could bounce back to 8% by 2021: ICAEW report

While most South-east Asian economies are expected to fall into recession in the first half of 2020, GDP is expected to rebound in 2021, a report...

The risk of investor-state disputes in Asean in the aftermath of Covid-19

Over the past several months, countries in ASEAN (as in the rest of the world) have adopted a wide range of measures to address the COVID-19...

Piracy in South-east Asia from Jan to May 2020 doubled from same period in 2019

There were 34 such incidents in South-east Asia, compared with 18 during the same period in 2019.

From SARs to COVID-19: Reflections on ASEAN’s collective response to public health crises

As the COVID-19 crisis was intensifying in the region in February and March, commentators from the media and academia noted that ASEAN was slow to...

Rated project, infrastructure firms in Asia well-placed to manage refinancing: Moody's

Upcoming maturities are concentrated in investment-grade companies

Sustainable Energy Future for Asean? Cities Decide

For several weeks now people around the world have been starting and ending their day with the updates on the ongoing global pandemic. This piece...

Higher oil prices to boost Malaysia's growth, hit S'pore: Barclays

But monetary policy in the region is unlikely to be swayed, said the analysts

Malaysian gaming unlikely to bounce back fully in 2021: Report

A V-shaped recovery may be no guarantee, one analyst said.

From seamless to touchless: the metamorphosis of retail

COVID-19 has taken a dramatic toll on many industries, most notably retail. Up until now, the retail industry flourished by ensuring higher...

Asia's economy taking centre stage post Covid: ANZ and Eurasia

THE economic fallout of Covid-19 has accelerated the relative decline of the US as the world's economic engine and is increasing the centrality of...

Electronics strength to fuel Asean exports in post-Covid trade

Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia will likely notch strong export growth after the coronavirus crisis is over, according to a new report on the...

New online channel for Thailand's food wholesalers to access region

SMALL businesses in Thailand’s food manufacturing and wholesale trade industries have been encouraged to buy and sell across regional borders.