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Southeast Asia journey to adopt clean and low carbon technologies a bumpy one

Southeast Asian countries are beginning to transform the way energy is produced and consumed in order to transition to a low carbon, sustainable...

Power infrastructure to drive Indonesia's energy sector growth: Fitch Solutions

Construction of coal-fired power plants will be the main supporter of growth in the sector.

Indonesia challenged to pare current account deficit despite oil price 'windfall'

FALLING oil prices could be “an unexpected windfall” for Indonesia, which is running a current account deficit - but the country still faces...

Malaysia: Government to revise Budget 2019 if oil prices drop below US$50 per barrel

A crude oil forecast of US$55-US$66 per barrel translates into revenue loss of around 2-5 billion ringgit or 0.1%-0.3% of Malaysia's GDP said...

Indonesia plans to raise diesel subsidies four-fold

INDONESIA plans to quadruple its diesel subsidies to keep prices for the fuel unchanged through 2018 in spite of high global oil prices and a weak...