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Innovative Supply Chain Changing the SME Game

Small but not slow, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Southeast Asia (SEA) are quickly adopting new technologies to lower the barrier of...

Trade diversion to Asean-6 gathering pace: Citi

Their share of US imports of products on the tariff list has been rising faster

Asia's self-sustaining growth is shield against US tariffs

In the latest episode of the trans-Pacific trade dispute a can was kicked down the road – the US tariff hike
originally scheduled for 15...

The double edges of growing exports to China

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam could be more vulnerable to "future Chinese economic coercion": expert

Digitalisation key to ASEAN attracting China trade war exodus

THE Fourth Industrial Revolution presents manufacturers in Southeast Asia with significant risks as well as tremendous opportunities at a time...

Supply-chain shifts to Asean now led by new capacity: Citi

Previously, supply chain shifts were more likely to involve production shifts to existing Asean facilities

Trade disruption: will Southeast Asia benefit?

When the US-China trade tensions started, many companies drew up contingency plans with hopes that these need not be activated. They did not want...

Singapore in world's top 20 for trade growth potential: StanChart study

SINGAPORE continues to show substantial potential for trade growth, according to new research from Standard Chartered Bank (StanChart) released on...

Philippines winning diverted US-China trade: Analysts

As global trade tensions single out the technology sector for attention, electronics exports from the Philippines to both markets rose.

Vietnam a bright spot amid trade tensions: economists

Robust domestic demand and FDI inflows should help achieve 6.7% growth in 2019