Regional automakers' supply, sales to take a hit from pandemic

Markets such as Thailand could see production stoppages, Fitch analysts warned.

Product standards glut could pose non-tariff trade barrier: Researcher

These measures could also be used in trade protectionism, said University of Malaya professor Evelyn S. Devadason.

Laos GDP could slow to 6.1% due to Covid-19: AMRO

Laos' economic recovery from 2019's natural disasters could be stymied by the Covid-19 pandemic, ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) said

Citi slashes Asean GDP growth forecast to 2.9%

The Covid-19 outbreak has reached an "inflection point" in Asean following the exponential rise in new cases since mid-March, Citi said

Vietnam central bank likely to hold after 100bps cut: Maybank

Further monetary easing by Vietnam's central bank cannot be ruled out if Covid-19 pandemic worsens, Maybank said

Impact of Covid-19 on Philippine economy may be larger than thought

The imposition of travel restrictions and domestic behavioral response to the pandemic may deliver a demand shock to the economy, JP Morgan said

Global impact of Covid-19 could range from US$77b to US$347b: ADB

Two-thirds of the impact will be borne by China, with the rest split between developing Asia and the rest of the world

Vietnam among most sensitive to China supply shocks: report

However, the region's vulnerability to supply shocks in electronics is lower than commonly assumed

Thailand's 2020 growth could be nearly flat due to Covid-19: Citi

Citi's full-year growth estimate for Thailand has been revised down to 0.2 per cent, from 2.2 per cent previously.

Fiscal stimulus expected for Vietnam amid Covid-19 woes

Industrial production held up in Feb but may take a hit in March: economists

Indonesia's virus support may not be enough for growth: Nomura report

The analysts wrote that “the package does not represent new spending but only reallocations from other items already in the Budget”.

Reliance on business offices, online gaming threatens Philippine property market

The Philippine economy could be tested by a cooling property market, which would weigh on banks’ loan portfolios, an international economic watcher has warned.

Indonesia market ripe for alternative-lending firms, one player says

High-risk markets could make for high growth, European fintech player says.

Covid-19 could accelerate supply chain shift to Asean

The shift in supply chains away from China that started with the US-China trade war would likely be reinforced by the Covid-19 virus outbreak: Maybank Kim Eng

E-commerce sites to be digital banking battlefield: S&P report

Entering a partnership with an e-commerce player is the quickest way for tech companies to scale as digital banks, S&P Global Market Intelligence suggests

Growing role for private investors in Vietnam infrastructure: report

But the government must facilitate this by addressing shortcomings

Analysts downgrade Thailand growth forecast due to virus

Tourism expected to take a hit in Q1 but bounce back in H2

Wuhan virus may hit regional supply chain if not contained: report

But the report's baseline is for containment and recovery by Q2

On Myanmar's property scene, cheaper condos are hot

This segment has been dubbed the market sector to watch.

Wuhan virus may persuade Singapore, Malaysia to ease casino policies

Maybank Kim Eng analyst Samuel Yin argued that governments could move to support hard-hit industry players.

Asean supply-chain shifts: Can Singapore banks be the real winners?

Businesses could readily turn to the Republic’s lenders as they move their operations out of China.

Debit card spend could overtake credit cards in Indonesia in 2019

Overall payments by plastic could jump from 639.9 trillion rupiah to 821.2 trillion rupiah.

Malaysia's lower voting age could benefit BN, PAS

The lowered voting age in Malaysia could benefit the country's two biggest Malay Muslim political parties at the next general election, an ISEAS-Yusof Ishak researcher suggests.