Singapore fashion struts on

MAX Tan remembers his first collection 10 years ago: "I was like any other young designer, I didn't really think things through - I just jumped straight into it . . . So when my debut collection was listed on (an influential trend website now part of as one of the Top 10...

The push for Asian designers

VIRTUAL fashion fest The Front Row is helping Asian designers pivot onto the digital runway and beyond. Minju Kim, the South Korean winner of Netflix's international fashion competition Next In Fashion; Carven Ong, designer for the Crazy Rich Asians film; and Tube Gallery, Thailand's avant garde...

Sewelô stunner

IT is hyped as a stone to surpass all stones - save for one. The Sewelô diamond, which weighs an astonishing 1,758 carats, is the second largest rough gem diamond in the world, discovered in the Karowe mine in Botswana in April 2019. The diamond is as big as a tennis ball, and is now in...

Spending in a pandemic

IN another life, businessman and investor Benjamin Goh's calendar was much like that of his fellow globetrotters - jetting around Asia once a month for work, and at least four times a year to Europe and beyond for both work and play. His passions are food, wine, culture, watches, cars - and his...

James Liang, Chairman & Co-founder, Group

IF TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS are lifted between Singapore and another country such that you don’t have to quarantine yourself upon arrival, you should take advantage of it immediately – chances are, you’ll be able to get great deals on hotels and attractions, without the crowds and queues.

Laggards or leaders in technology?

IS LUXURY KEEPING pace with technology? Is the high-end customer experience being elevated by A.I.? Can digital experiences deliver more personalised and exclusive services while still preserving a luxury brand’s integrity? No, no, and yes, answers a new paper co-authored by NUS Business School...

Singapore's First Virtual Fashion Fest

A NEW DIGITAL fashion festival called The Front Row may be what the local industry needs to become viable.

Charlie Kaufman's Debut Novel Is Brilliant

THERE ARE SOME people in the world who can’t get enough of Charlie Kaufman.

ChildAid raises S$1.95m for underprivileged children

IN homes across the world, over 1,150 performing artists got together to celebrate the power of music to comfort and unite people in these challenging times.

10 highlights of ChildAid 2020 tonight

THE virtual charity concert ChildAid 2020 debuts tonight on the various digital platforms of The Business Times and The Straits Times. Pop stars, jazz maestros, child performers and world-renowned classical musicians are joining forces to bring you a terrific hour of music entertainment,...

ChildAid funds help nurture kids' creative potential

SIBLINGS Judy and Jacky Boey, who are 11 and 9 respectively, learn visual arts and music with the help of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BTBAF). Both have demonstrated interest in the arts at a young age, which prompted their mother, Madam Liu Liqiong, to enrol them at the Little Arts...

Over 1,000 singers for ChildAid 2020

ORGANISED by The Business Times and The Straits Times, the ChildAid 2020 concert debuting online on Wednesday night will feature not one but two virtual choirs - and one of them will make history as one of the most international virtual choirs ever assembled.

Kids flourish with help from two funds

PRIMARY school pupil S Mugunthesh, 9, has been scoring As at Tampines Primary every year. "I'm always first in class. I'm good at English, Science, Math, Tamil . . . I love school," he says confidently.


Party for Your Party

IT'S POLLING DAY. Battle lines have been drawn and political parties formed. No, we're not talking about the hustings, but parties of a different kind – the ones where food and a certain amount of alcohol are involved.


Books we’d vote for

It’s hard to fully understand the story of modern Singapore without reading the memoirs of its first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

A league of her own

GENEVIEVE CHUA’S SOLO exhibition at STPI opened in late February and had to close just over a month later, because of the circuit breaker.

Kahchun Wong, Chief Conductor of Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra

AT A RECENT photo shoot with famous photographer Russel Wong, conductor Kahchun Wong jokingly asked the photographer if he could make him look like Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor, the mythological God of Thunder, in the Hollywood blockbuster films. 

Hullo to a souped-up, virtual ChildAid 2020

WHEN the curtain rises on ChildAid 2020 on July 15, audiences will be treated to a virtual concert unlike any other. The event will use cutting-edge technology so audiences can watch and listen to it in a 360-degree sphere.

ChildAid raises funds for over 10,000 kids a year

SINCE 2005, ChildAid has been raising money for two Singapore Press Holdings charities, which have helped over 170,000 children - or over 10,000 children a year.

Andrew Li, CEO, Zouk Group

REMEMBER THAT THING people used to call a “dance floor”? An enclosed space where everyone is invited to step into, shed their inhibitions and let the music guide them?

Gillman Reopens

WHEN GILLMAN BARRACKS reopened recently, gallerists had quite a bit cleaning to do.

Soulful Septuagenarians

On June 19, by coincidence, two of rock music’s oldest and most revered singer-songwriters, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, released new albums.

Art helps kids cope with pandemic

THE Rice Company, which manages The Business Times' charity The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, believes that no child should be denied a chance to learn the arts just because they cannot afford to.

MENSWEAR: Battling Covid – stylishly, of course

At CYC Made To Measure, no precaution is too small. Before you sit down for your consultation, the tailor has wiped down the tables and chairs with antibacterial sheets. The fabric catalogues have been tased by a germ-killing UV light stick. 

Women supporting women

T:>WORKS – OR THE fabled arts company once known as TheatreWorks – is launching the second edition of its Festival Of Women: N.O.W. completely online. From July 15 to August 2, N.O.W will present a wide range of art exhibitions, live-streamed performances, a digitalised competition, video...