Where's The Beef?

FOR THE HAMBURGER lover teetering between the joy of a juicy meat patty and a niggling guilt over greenhouse gases and slaughtered cows, the Impossible burger seems like the best of both worlds. It allows you to enjoy that beefy mouth feel, succulence of marbled fat and burst of blood-mixed...


Crustacean cravings

WE are suckers for Facebook Live auctions. We're bewitched by online fishmongers who convince us that our chosen seafood will disembark at Jurong Port and hop, skip and jump into our house bursting with fresh-off-the-boat vitality. Never mind that the reality involves you doing an autopsy on a...

Parisian Chic

CAN'T TRAVEL? CAN shop. Rekindle memories of your last French holiday, lingering on Paris' oldest bridge Pont Neuf, which also happens to sit opposite Louis Vuitton's headquarters. The label's newest iconic LV Pont 9 shoulder bag drops on May 29, so you can be the first in line to nab Nicholas...

Art of the Table

EATING YOUR GREENS takes on new meaning at Hermès, which has just launched a new tableware collection that looks as if a tropical forest just took root on your dining table.


Promising new kids on the block

THE restaurant's name is LUMO, but any light it hoped to shine on the local F&B scene was quickly snuffed out when Circuit Breaker measures forced it to close from April 7.

Dining Well in a Pandemic

YOU COULD SAY the writing - or make that icing - was on the wall. The last-minute run for bubble tea. That inexplicable urge to bake. The many ways you can make Dalgona coffee. 

Outlook For Luxury: Delivering A New Dining Experience

NEVER HAS AN industry been so vividly transformed as F&B, with the very basic human concept of sharing a meal with friends and loved ones shattered by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Gourmet dining the DIY way

CHEFS are chefs. Diners are diners. That has pretty much been the world order, with no overlap between the two. But not any more, as restaurants try to turn diners into chefs with DIY meal kits that are designed to help them achieve professional level-cuisine at home, in as idiot-proof a way as...

Cooking for the love of Mum

''EVEN BAD MEN love their Mommas,'' growls Russell Crowe's outlaw character Ben Wade in the movie 3:10 to Yuma, when he pushes a guy off a cliff for cursing his own mother.


In pursuit of old-school Chinese food

DELIVERY almost killed my yam ring. After all, it comes from a restaurant designed to serve from wok to table, not wok to masked man on motorcycle and 40 minutes from Chinatown to someplace in the suburbs, to be assembled by one with no experience plopping seafood into the crevice of deep fried...

DIY Gourmet Dining at Home

WHEN THE FIRST Circuit Breaker measures were imposed and restaurants fell over themselves to push out entire menus of takeaway and delivery meals, Nouri started to sell vegetables instead. 

Living In A New Reality

HER NAME MAY be associated with beauty, luxury and her billionaire father Peter Lim, but now you can also add entrepreneur and most recently, food delivery person, to Kim Lim's personal status.


A tale of three Nonyas

A RECENT sampling of three Peranakan restaurant takeaways had us suddenly thinking about Goldilocks - possibly the original food critic with the cheek to steal three bears' bowls of porridge and review them without being asked to. Too hot, too cold....and juust nice...

The Cooking Connection

IF DAILY LIFE now seemas to be about hunkering down at home and wondering what takeaway food to order, you’re not alone.


A world of spice and more

NOW well into the third week since the first "circuit breaker" was announced, we no longer know what it's like to eat out of restaurant dinnerware. When they say dinner is served, it means ripping the lid off yet another biodegradable takeout container.


Sushi showdown

THIS is not a time for sushi. The whole ritual of having a Japanese masterchef in front of you, fashioning individual morsels to eat before its temperature changes is a distant memory. Especially when you're now holding a takeaway portion of chirashizushi like an emergency surgeon holds a donor...

Chefs On Lockdown

CHEFS WERE NOT made to sit still.  So when they’re suddenly handed a block of free time that they didn’t ask for, it’s like taking a fish out of water. When the government stopped restaurants from offering dining-in services from April 7 to at least May 4, several eateries decided to close...

Takeaway is the new fine dining

THE DAYS OF wining, dining and being doted on by maitre d’s and sommeliers attending to your every whim are over. At least for the next few weeks as the latest government directive to keep people at home to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus kicks in.

Interview - Karen Cheng, restaurateur

KAREN CHENG DIDN'T wake up one day and decide to go into the restaurant business. She might have had her first taste of sashimi at the age of six and had parents who exposed her to different travel and eating experiences while she was growing up, but her first career was actually in the luxury...


Downtown eats head to the suburbs

ALONG with Netflix, virtual tours, video chats and Hyun Bin - hero words that are making life bearable in our surreal, restricted existence - we'd like to add: island-wide delivery.


Bleeding badly, F&B operators appeal to PM Lee for urgent help

AN informal grouping of over 500 restaurants has sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ahead of the Solidarity Budget in Parliament on Monday.

Covid-19: Restaurants appeal for immediate targeted measures

AN informal grouping of over 500 restaurants has sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ahead of the Solidarity Budget in Parliament on Monday.


F&B grouping says 80% of its 500 members may close in a month

SINGAPORE'S beleaguered F&B industry was dealt yet another body blow on Friday when the government moved to stop people from dining in restaurants for at least one month, as part of stepped-up measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Edible Haute Couture

YOU CAN'T EXACTLY carry one over your shoulder, but with Natsuko Shoji's most expensive design costing up to US$2000, you can be sure you're indulging in the haute couture of pastry.


Warm comfort at Summer Hill

IT'S taken us two years to come to Summer Hill - a tiny heartland eatery that's small in size but big on hearty, bistro fare cooked by people whose idea of intermittent fasting is to eat like a bear before hibernating for the next 16 hours.