Restaurants come back from the brink

BARELY two months ago in August, restaurateur Wang Yanqing was in dire straits. The former Chinese TV newscaster had pumped in almost S$1 million to open Yan's Fine Dining Shanghai Cuisine in Mandarin Gallery in May last year, but she had yet to turn a profit when she and the rest of the F&B...


Fishing for a good catch at Catfish

CALLING all catfish. If you're worried that a restaurant by the same name is going to decimate you and your fellow mustachioed bottom feeders, fear not. Your uncle will not be served as the main course. Rather, Catfish is an equal opportunity seafood slayer that serves up hip vibes and an...

New dining concepts

Perhaps one of the more anticipated openings this year, Restaurant Euphoria is the new culinary playground of Jason Tan, ex-head chef of the Michelin-starred Corner House.


A breath of fresh flair at V-Dining

FOUR years ago, a fresh breeze blew into Singapore's dining scene - carrying with it a free-wheeling Aussie chef named John-Paul Fiechtner and his partner Sally Humble, charming diners with their brand of bohemian hospitality and out-of-the-box cooking. 

Hawkers United divided in bitter stakeholder spat

HAWKERS United (HU) is a union no more, as an internal clash over its ownership and direction has caused a split in the management of Singapore's most popular hawker Facebook group and its sister platforms.

Garden variety dimsum at Tang Lung

ROBERTSON Quay at lunchtime on a weekday always feels like the aftermath of a big party, or the lull before one.


Avenue 87 takes the mod-Asian route

IF you've watched extreme makeover videos, then you're familiar with the format:a scruffy or frumpy human - and occasionally a badly-matted poodle - is whisked away to be buffed, puffed and shaved (where applicable) and turned into immaculate beauties that family members and fellow pets can't...


A gem in the making at Allium

IF you build it, they will come. So they say. Or in the case of some chefs, if you cook it, they will come. Even if you choose to open your restaurant in some out-of-the-way, obscure suburban neighbourhood (which to us is anywhere that is not our own out-of-the-way suburb).

From lemak to laut

HUNGER may be the best sauce, but in the case of a certain new nasi lemak shop in town, controversy is the new umami.

Hashida makes a comeback

BY traditional - read rigid, "a rule is a rule but I don't know why" - Japanese standards, Kenjiro 'Hatch' Hashida has always been a bit of an outlier. 


Finding a Korean voice at Meta

IF Korean cuisine had a prodigal son, his name might be Sun Kim.

Pandemic opportunities for millennial chefs

A JOBLESS chef couple who's starting a kitchen sharing concept so they don't have to worry about retrenchment. A pastry chef who built a viral bakery business during Circuit Breaker. A private dining chef who sold granola as a last resort and now can't keep up with the demand. A head chef who...


What's Up This Week

He's back. Although Kenjiro 'Hatch' Hashida vacated his eponymous sushi restaurant in River Valley during Circuit Breaker, he's back to make a fresh start at Hashida Private Dining, an intimate pop-up omakase concept at OUE Social Kitchen.


A taste of Portugal

YOU know you're suffering from severe travel withdrawal symptoms when you shed tears of joy at the sight of a menu written in a foreign language. Although you're acutely aware that there is an English translation and you are in Dempsey Village not Lisbon, there's still something about this new...


What's Up This Week

The arts world has been adversely affected by the pandemic, but the music goes on.

Appetite for a new dining experience

IMAGINE a space where people of different nationalities sit down, chill and discover they have more in common than they think - at least in food, culture, music and art. They may also share similar foibles such as talking too loudly, encroaching on another's personal space and a vague suspicion...


Modern Japanese vibe at Nishikane

HE may come from a multigenerational family of chefs, but Fukui-born Nobuhiro Nishi doesn't fit the bill of stern, tradition-bound, cut-your-fingertips-off-if-you-slice-a-radish-wrong type of culinary craftsman.

We the (food) citizens of Singapore

THERE are few things that make us uniquely Singaporean more than our food. Whether it's chicken rice, bak chor mee or that all-time favourite of those breaching stay-home notices - bak kut teh - there's always something that makes us feel we're home, truly.

A spicy noodle story

LARD, QQ and sambal. The three magic words a bowl of noodles needs to make history. Or at least multiple reorders. Three very basic qualities that most noodles somehow don't quite get, thinking they can get by on a combination of vegetable oil, ketchup, token chilli sauce and low customer...

Spending in a pandemic

IN another life, businessman and investor Benjamin Goh's calendar was much like that of his fellow globetrotters - jetting around Asia once a month for work, and at least four times a year to Europe and beyond for both work and play. His passions are food, wine, culture, watches, cars - and his...


Sushi that gives you bang for your buck

THE address says it all. Cuppage Plaza. Aka Little Japan. Where the pricey veneer and practised omotenashi crafted for high-spending Singaporeans in chi-chi locations fall away with the flick of a noren, revealing the unembellished, edgy realness of nihonjin on their own turf.

Kimchi Chronicles

THE LAST TIME we checked, we were not Korean. We haven’t started reading Hangul nor discovered that we’re actually descended from a palace maiden who lived in the Joseon Dynasty. 

Classic French fare at home with Odette

TAKE everything you know about a three Michelin-starred dining experience: The immaculate presentation; finicky details; luxurious ingredients; polished cooking. Stuff all that in a bag and you have Odette at Home - one of the fanciest meals you can have without having to dress up for it.

Sushi Revival

YOUR PLANNED TRIPS to Japan have been cancelled and even getting a full refund doesn't make you any happier. Yes, you wish you could be in Tokyo now, basking in the bright lights of Ginza or dashing across the famous crosswalk of Shibuya.


A new direction for Corner House

WELCOME to Singapore. We may as well be tourists here, having spent the better part of the last three months living and working in a place called Home - a modern, self-contained mini city comprising four walls and one doorbell.