Canon unit aims to be one-stop shop for companies

A SURVEY of 615 SMEs conducted by United Overseas Bank found that half of the respondents indicated implementing productivity measures as a top priority. Reducing costs, as well as seeking new sources of revenue were also identified as priorities.

Modernising Eu Yan Sang

SINCE his appointment as Eu Yan Sang's group chief executive in 2017, Aaron Boey has been working to steer the 140-year-old tradition-steeped company towards modernisation.


A new decade of possibilities

AT Possibilities 2020 last Friday, Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat, together with thought leaders and distinguished speakers shared their views on how Singaporean businesses may come out strong for the new decade.

New directions and goals for the new year

A PANEL discussion titled "Where do we go from here?" capped the afternoon at Possibilities 2020.

Examples of how SMEs forged ahead with public agencies' help

ADVANCE estimates released last week pegged Singapore's GDP growth at 0.7 per cent for 2019, a result of the slowdown in the global economy. But as US and China move towards alleviating trade tension through a "very large and comprehensive" Phase One trade deal slated for Jan 15, an improvement...


Managing cash flows together

Banks are acting in partnership with financial intermediaries such as fintechs to offload the heightened financial risk when dealing with SMEs.

sgCarMart: Singapore's ebay of cars

HOME-GROWN vehicle trading portal sgCarMart (SGCM) has come a long way in scrubbing clean the stereotypes of persuasive but dishonest salesmen.

Making logistics more sustainable

IN THE 1950s, the standardisation of shipping containers coupled with purpose-built container vessels modernised freighting. Shipping schedules were significantly shortened and congestion reduced, and this changed the way logistics and supply-chain companies operated.

SMU Valedictorian Awards set up to honour Hong Leong founder

THE late Kwek Hong Png created a lasting legacy for his family when he founded the Hong Leong Group in 1963


Seeing opportunities in uncertainty

ECONOMIC uncertainties and geo-political tensions have dominated the headlines this year, and businesses large and small have been grappling with how these events impact their businesses.

No store closures or staff cuts in HK with pick-up in sales: BreadTalk

HOMEGROWN BreadTalk Group is weathering the storm in Hong Kong, despite ongoing political turmoil in the city.


CSE Global engineers growth through diversification and acquisitions

KEEPING a spotless incident record is no mean feat for CSE Global. The global technology and systems integration company sees its process control solutions employed for the production of oil on both onshore and offshore rigs, in addition to having a presence in the mining and mineral industry....