Impact of coronavirus epidemic to have widespread spillovers to the region and rest of the world

The escalation of the virus outbreak and slowdown in China would result in a deduction of 0.2 percentage points from ASEAN+3 growth, said AMRO in a note on Wednesday.

Five SEA cities rank in JLL's Premium Office Rent tracker but rents remain reasonable: JLL

Five Southeast Asian cities rank in the world’s top 86 most expensive premium office rental markets, according to the fifth edition of JLL’s Premium Office Rent Tracker.

Electric serenade

TESLA Motors might be the name you think of when you think of electric cars today, but while the Californian electric car maker only began development on the Roadster in 2004, Kelvin Lim was already driving an electric car in 2001.


Companies will be hit harder by supply chains disruption than during Sars outbreak

THE impact of factory closures and cuts to transport links across China will have more far-reaching implications for businesses compared with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) epidemic of 2003, say market watchers, even as they stress that there are still too many questions...


Factories feeling the strain from supply and labour shortages

MANUFACTURING companies in Singapore are beginning to feel the strain from supply chain disruptions and labour shortages, as China enters its third month of grappling with the fallout from the novel coronavirus outbreak.


Vietnam has a booming e-commerce market, but what more can be done?

VIETNAM is the fastest-growing digital economy in the region, in large part due to investment inflow which is still on an unprecedented rise. Over the last four years, approximately US$1 billion in funding has poured into Vietnam's e-commerce sector, reaching a record high in 2019.

Vietnam has a booming e-commerce market, but what more can be done?

Vietnam is the fastest-growing digital economy in the region, in large part due to investment inflow which is still on an unprecedented rise. Over the last four years, approximately US$1 billion in funding has poured into Vietnam's e-commerce sector, reaching a record high in 2019. 

Cleaning solutions for the future

ELISE Hong credits her grit and indomitable spirit to sports. "I used to play badminton for school," says the co-founder and CEO of JCS-Echigo. "Sports builds up a kind of resilience ... Sometimes you're far behind, but that doesn't mean you'll lose, you can still catch up and win. It trains...

Gap in US-Sino influence in S-E Asia widening in China's favour

CHINA continues to wield the most influence in South-east Asia, and the gap between perceived American and Chinese influence is widening in China's favour, going by the findings of a survey released on Thursday.

Indonesia determined to create downstream sector

INDONESIA is bullish on its vision to create its own downstream industry, strengthened by the approval of environmental impact studies for factories to produce battery-grade nickel chemicals in Morowali.

TONIK gets go-ahead to open Philippines' first digital-only bank

THE Philippines will soon have its first digital-only, branchless bank.

First pure-play digital bank in SEA receives bank licence approval to operate in the Philippines

TONIK Financial's subsidiary in the Philippines, TONIK Digital Bank, has received approval for a new banking licence from the Central Bank of the Philippines that will allow it to provide a full range of retail banking services, focused primarily on retail deposits and consumer loans, through...

Data, platform building key for SourceSage

I T CAN feel as if the team at SourceSage set out to prove a premise that they deliberately stacked against themselves. Yet, SourceSage - founded in 2015 by a father-son team - has successfully navigated the stressful world of startups and venture capitalists - all with the added stress of...


'China + 1' hedge will keep Asean in spotlight

ASEAN is likely to see an acceleration in supply chain shifts in the coming year, as companies start pumping in more investment into the region.

Reimagining food delivery

WHEN it comes to her business, Jocelyn Chng innovates so far outside the tried-and-tested she often finds herself in uncharted territory. But when it comes to her food, she likes it just so.

US$106m Singapore-based fund to keep plastic from Asian oceans

CIRCULATE Capital has launched a US$106 million Singapore-based fund dedicated to preventing plastic from entering Asia's oceans, and which it hopes can catalyse more investments into this area.

Moving up the value chain

DON QUAH, managing director and founder of Yan San Metals (YSM), is only half joking when he says the company's latest undertaking can eliminate the haze.

Distilling a model of continuous improvement

WITH its first factory at Wan Lee Road "almost bursting at the seams", the senior management at KH Roberts was faced with an important decision: to build a new factory or continue working within existing constraints.

Challenging the old order

DINNERS were probably tense for a few years in the Chua household when brothers Alex and Arthur Chua decided to digitise the large, multi-faceted family business that Goldbell Group had by then become.

Rising demand set to turn SE Asia into net importer of fossil fuels

SOUTH-east Asia is on the verge of becoming a net importer of fossil fuels for the first time as rising fuel demand, especially for oil, has far outpaced regional production, warned the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Wednesday.

Online spend in South-east Asia to outpace growth of digital consumers threefold

ONLINE spend in Southeast Asia is projected to outpace the growth of digital consumers by a factor of three, with clothing and personal care emerging as two of the leading categories.

Champion Asean as an integrated market of 600m: Chan Chun Sing

BUSINESSES need to be prepared to operate in either a scenario where there is greater global integration and higher trajectory growth, or in the alternative scenario where the world could fragment into two or more pieces and end up in a slower growth trajectory, said Minister for Trade and...

UL moves international HQ to Singapore to ride demand from Asia

With Asia continuing to be the fastest growing component of UL's business, putting it on the path to constituting the majority of both the group's business and employment, it was a "logical" decision to move the international headquarters to Singapore said CEO Keith Williams. 

Powering social good

ASK Kojin Nakakita to talk about himself and the chairman of Hitachi Asia immediately says he is an ice hockey player, after opening with a rather enigmatic "I've had a bit of a different life from everyone else".

Venture capital fundraising in Asean is on course to match 2018 record

ASEAN-focused venture capital (VC) fund-raising is on course to match the record figures reached last year, even as buyout deal values are falling amid a challenging macroeconomic environment, said Preqin, a data source on alternative assets.