Recent events have driven home the importance of data protection, especially of personal data.

The push for gender diversity, especially on listed boards, has been relentless, not just in Singapore, but also across the world.

Individuals tend to make biased decisions. For instance, heuristics guide our judgements to help us cope with human limitations in cognition and complex circumstances.

A profit warning is a declaration issued by a listed company to investors through a stock exchange, advising shareholders and the public that the company’s earnings results will likely not meet...

In Asia, where most publicly listed firms are controlled by families, family businesses are a significant driver of economic growth.

In this age of increasing shareholder activism, investors are calling for stronger board oversight of executive compensation, succession planning, gender equity, corporate culture, and...

Stakeholder engagement is important for listed corporations. In the 2018 revisions to the Code of Corporate Governance, a new pillar and principle was added for “Managing Stakeholder Relationships...

Unlike other jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia which have general whistleblowing laws, Singapore protects whistleblowers via different pieces of legislation.

We are entering a phase in our corporate governance history where more independent directors are expected to lead corporate boards with majority voting control at board meetings.

Perhaps the most controversial rule in the recent corporate governance changes has been the strengthening of the “nine-year rule” for independent directors