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ST Engineering to showcase wide range of capabilities

A NEW conceptual design for long-haul economy class seats and the world's first expandable lavatory will be among the aviation solutions on display at ST Engineering's exhibition in the Singapore Airshow 2020.

The global technology, defence and engineering group is the largest exhibitor at the event this year, and plans to showcase its aviation solutions in both the commercial and defence aviation sectors for nearly every stage of an aircraft's life cycle. The exhibition will include models of proven as well as conceptual solutions, and interactive displays that help visitors understand the aftermarket services it offers and smart technologies involved in such services.

The new economy class seat design will weigh 30 per cent less than a regular aluminium version, as it is made of a lighter high-performance proprietary magnesium alloy. Meanwhile, the expandable lavatory will provide greater accessibility and convenience for people with reduced mobility.

Other displays in the aviation cluster of ST Engineering's exhibition will include models of engine nacelles, or external casings, from the new portfolio of nacelle systems that it has been producing since it acquired a nacelle design and manufacturing company in 2019. These models will include nacelles for engines used in the Airbus A320neo and Comac C919.

Its smart city cluster will feature its CitySense suite of smart mobility, smart security and smart environment solutions, which leverage predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and digital connectivity for smart city projects. So far, it has delivered more than 500 smart city projects to 70 cities.

Its automated solutions for airports will also be displayed here, such as its Next Gen Biometrics Platform for E-Gates and self-service kiosks. These solutions are meant to improve efficiencies in operations and cost, reduce dependence on manpower and speed up processing time at immigration counters.

Meanwhile, its Airport Operations Centre System and Airport Analytics solutions focus more on leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver more accurate forecasts for planning and decision-making.

ST Engineering will showcase its micro-satellite NeuSAR, smart autonomous vessel technologies, and smart lamp posts to support smart city needs like environmental monitoring, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, crowd sensing and traffic monitoring.

Highlights of ST Engineering's defence cluster include the Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV), various weapon systems and the MAK One Synthetic Training Environment (STE) developed for modern defence applications.

In addition to increased firepower, protection, mobility and situational awareness, the Hunter AFV combines command, control, communications and other systems with cybersecurity systems into one fully digitalised fighting platform for battlefield use.

The MAK One STE is a training platform that uses game-quality immersive simulation to simulate peacekeeping operations scenarios for training, and is being customised for the US Army and Royal Air Force.