THREE years ago the clientele at Hollywood Disco Pattaya were mostly South Koreans. Then the Chinese started to dominate the disco, chasing the Koreans away, according to manager Damrongkieat...

[LONDON] The world's biggest cruise-ports operator is looking to expand in South-east Asia, a budding hotspot for Chinese voyagers that could eventually rival the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

[BANGKOK] From quiet beaches in Bali to empty rooms in Hanoi's hotels, pangs from China's economic malaise and weakening yuan are being felt across South-east Asia's vacation belt.

CHINA'S economy is slowing down - weighed down by a trade spat with the US with no resolution in sight - but there's no let-up in its consumers' wanderlust.

FOR the better part of a decade, wealthy Chinese tourists have been on a feeding frenzy for luxury brands, casinos and cruise lines. Now, there are doubts about how long the buffet will last.