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He's asking you to support the arts in these times ...

18/02/2021 - 05:50

WHEN it comes to soliciting donations for charity, any fundraiser will tell you which causes are more likely to get corporations to open their wallets: the financially needy, health, education, international aid and so on. But the arts? Not so much.

With the world still in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, the arts - already seen as a luxury rather than a necessity - are being shunted aside in favour of more pressing issues such as jobs and health care. But one initiative is pushing back, led by philanthropist Pierre Lorinet, to convince corporations and individuals to support an industry that has been providing a creative respite from the hardships posed by the pandemic.

In tomorrow's BTLifestyle, we talk to Mr Lorinet about his mission.

Elsewhere, we also meet Lim Kian Chun, the co-founder of Ebb & Flow, a young F&B group that is starting to make waves with a series of new dining concepts from fine-dining restaurants to heritage bakeries.

In Design, we look at how you can live large in a small space, as we visit a two-bedroom apartment that has been done up to look like a landed property. And if you've been over-indulging over the Chinese New Year and are trying to switch to a healthy diet, check out the new Persea, which takes the keto diet to restaurant level.

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