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Birds of a Feather's Japanese ochazuke is made with hot and sour broth instead of dashi stock
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City Picks - selections from Tanjong Pagar
Jun 26, 2020 1:53 PM

Tanjong Pagar is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Singapore, an eclectic blend of heritage and contemporary style that’s also reflected in the myriad eateries in the area. This is where you’ll find everything from authentic Asian flavours served with a modern twist, to stylish burgers and sophisticated cafe fare. In this fourth instalment of our weekly dining series, Oddle Eats’ food hunters sweep through Tanjong Pagar to bring you some of the best food finds. And with island-wide delivery, it’s a fuss-free way to enjoy a great meal right in your own home.

PS Cafe

From its humble beginnings as a cafe hidden in a fashion boutique serving huge salads and luscious cakes under glass domes, the stylish PS Cafe is now a pioneer Singapore F&B brand with outlets in as far away as Shanghai and Seoul. But at home, it remains a firm favourite of the stylish set who enjoy its classic Caesar salads, burgers, pasta, heartwarming main dishes and addictive truffle fries. With its modern, Aussie-style menu of hearty breakfasts and healthy green juices, it exudes an infectious joie de vivre that has earned it a legion of loyal fans in its over 20-year existence.

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Le Bon Funk 

The ‘funk’ refers to the good kind - that distinctive flavour of natural wines that is the mainstay of this spirited bar-bistro of the Lo & Behold Group. The cosy pitstop on bustling Club Street is known for its ever-evolving wine list and chef-owner Keirin Buck’s au naturel menu - minimally processed food using techniques such as fermentation, and charcuterie-making. Start off with thick and dense sourdough bread and Chef Buck’s 12 types of cured meats which are matured in a chiller for up to two months. But don’t miss the Beef Tongue Sammy, featuring piles of shaved brined beef tongue, sauce gribiche and mayonnaise, sandwiched between thick slices of bread.

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Chen’s Mapo Tofu

Get a taste of Michelin star level spicy tofu at this casual offshoot of the two Michelin-starred Shisen Hanten. The casual eatery in Downtown Gallery focuses on Chef Chen Kentaro’s signature Sichuan Mapo Tofu, merging it with the Japanese donburi concept. So you have the best of both worlds as you enjoy tender cubes of silken tofu cooked with minced meat in a thick Sichuan-style ‘mala’ gravy flavoured with fermented soya beans and toasted peppercorns. Poured over deliciously sticky  short-grain Japanese rice, it makes a wonderfully satisfying one-dish meal. If you’re still hungry or want some variety, try the Nasu Don and Dan Dan Mien.

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Tok Tok Indonesian

Tok-Tok is the first Indonesian ‘warung’ in Singapore that serves up a variety of authentic Indonesian soups, street style. In Indonesia, the best traditional soups are those sold in push-carts by itinerant hawkers that use a ‘kentongan’ - a kind of drum, to make a ‘tok-tok’ sound to attract customers, hence the name. The restaurant’s objective is to offer that level of authenticity to its food, such as Soto Mie aka Mee Soto - an earthy, spice-enhanced chicken broth with yellow noodles. Check out also its crispy flattened  spiced fried chicken Ayam Penyet, or its beefy oxtail soup Sup Buntut. Top it off with fluffy, turmeric-coloured Nasi Kuning. 

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Love Handle Burgers

If you’re moving towards a plant-based diet but are loath to give up your favourite burgers, Love Handle Burgers has just the solution for you. The fully vegan and classic American joint serves up delicious alternatives that won’t make you miss the real thing. Its classic Cheeseburger is made from award-winning Impossible meat patty, vegan cheddar cheese and pickles, and promises the same juicy bite. For something a little fancier, try the Mushroom Cheese burger which also features an Impossible patty, a mushroom patty and vegan cheddar, drowned in a piquant trumpet and ceps sauce. And what’s a burger without fries, namely Cream Spinach Loaded Fries.

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The Coconut Club

The Coconut Club takes the all-time Singapore favourite nasi lemak and cendol dessert and turns them into a culinary artform. The culmination of two years of trial and error to get the perfect sambal recipe and the best coconut milk, The Coconut Club has been a success from Day One. It draws daily queues for its wonderfully fragrant and rich rice and sambal, and its famous fried chicken that all nasi lemak lovers swear by. So too, its refreshing cendol with coconut milk, green worms and gula melaka. Take your pick of chicken leg or breast set, and don’t forget its Otak Otak as well.

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Birds of a Feather

The name and decor makes Birds of a Feather sound like a chi-chi cafe specialising in Eggs Benedict, but it’s actually a Sichuan-inspired eatery that has drawn raves for its innovative cooking approach. Marrying western influences with traditional flavours, it offers twists like Spicy Oriental Bolognaise which gives a chilli lift to the standard pasta recipe. Japanese ochazuke, too, is made with hot and sour broth instead of dashi stock, while Find The Chicken in the Chillis is a quirky name for the familiar chicken and dried red chilli dish.  For something less spicy, the Sichuan Oxtail Soup is a light clear broth infused with Chinese herbs.

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Park Bench Deli

Taking its cue from the everyday reality depicted by a park bench, Park Bench Deli decided to focus on that everyday food - the sandwich. Its gourmet sandwiches are hearty and satisfying, and totally unpretentious. Its Crispy Hot Chicken is a deep fried chicken thigh sandwiched with chilli aioli between a potato bun, while the Pastrami Reuben will help you revisit a New York deli with its slices of house-smoked beef brisket, coleslaw and Swiss cheese.
For the sweet-toothed looking for a fun activity, get a PB&J DIY kit, which essentially has all the ingredients (including bread) for a high end peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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