THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How do you as a business leader see the latest tightening of Employment Pass and S Pass criteria?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What new idea or novel approach to doing things would you like to see Singapore consider adopting?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What's the impact on business as relations between the United States and China fray and tensions mount?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: As a business leader and and employer, how would you approach retrenchment? How can unions and companies work together to ensure affected workers are treated fairly and with...

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How will the "green lane" arrangements for business travel between Singapore and Malaysia facilitate your operations?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How might the tourism sector be boosted amid international travel curbs? What hidden gems do you find in Singapore ?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How is your organisation girding for the recession? Are there any silver linings or bright spots amid the economic gloom?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How do you see Singapore's economic and business policies evolving as a younger electorate looks beyond bread-and-butter issues to matters of social inclusiveness and equality...

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What accounts for the disparity between the stockmarkets and the economy?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What lessons can be drawn from the fresh outbreaks of Covid-19 in some countries, upon re-opening?