Using Design To Battle Covid-19

AROUND THE WORLD, designers are not sitting still when it comes to battling the coronavirus pandemic. They may not be healthcare experts, but that is not stopping them from working together with medical professionals to find solutions, or even coming up with innovative creations of their own....

The Office Post Covid-19

June 2 marks the day when Singapore cautiously initiates its first phase of reopening after the end of the circuit breaker. For the majority of the workforce, it is status quo as working from home is still encouraged.

Taking Design Online

DESIGN MUSEUMS MAY not be considered essential businesses, but they’ve made sure you’re still able to visit them. Several have created virtual tours of their spaces and specially curated programmes for the stay home crowd. Even if you’re not an architecture or design geek, this is a great...

Soy Goodness

SOYBEANS ARE USUALLY used to make tempeh, tofu, soy sauce, soy milk, and tau huay.

Focusing on the Present

WE’RE ALMOST midway through 2020 and thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many are left wondering, “what is happening, why is this happening, and what’s coming next.”

Workplace design majors join hands

TWO major firms specialising in workplace interior design have come together to form a strategic partnership.

Outlook for Luxury: Conservative Buying

DINING OUT AND travelling aside, what do people miss most during a lockdown? Heading out to the stores to buy non-essential items,
it seems.

Outlook for Luxury: Holiday With A Purpose

EVEN AS AIRLINES chalk up losses, cut back or cancel flights totally, there is still cautious optimism that wanderlust will return before the end of 2020.

Background Detail

Dress up your online meetings with free virtual backgrounds courtesy of designers and creative companies.

Around The World At Home

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has put a hold on many people’s travel plans, including married couple Rajiv Gupta and Koh Yen Ling.

Sparking Joy In Your Career

THINK ABOUT YOUR JOB. Does it fulfil you? Are there moments when you're glad you're doing this job and no other? Do you wake up some days thinking how lucky you are to go to work? Do you get shower, get dressed, and walk to your car with a spring in your step? In short, does your job "spark joy...

Creativity in the Time of Coronavirus

Do you have a family member who refuses to stay home and you are tired of nagging them to? Local design firm Stuck, has designed a series of doorknob hangers reminding people not to leave their homes unnecessarily.

Designer Masks

Minor Miracles is known for its colourful prints that are inspired by paint strokes, so its masks are no exception. Retailing at S$12, they’re so popular that they are now in their second round of production.

Sonic Solitude

UNLESS YOU LIVE ALONE, noise is a given when you work from home.

Look Good, Feel Good

Just because you are spending a lot of time at home doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your tresses.

Green Oasis

MOST LANDED HOMES have a garden on ground level. But this corner terrace in Bukit Timah has a garden on each on its three levels – which may look good but also means major punishment for the designated gardener assigned to do all the watering.

A New World

IF YOU WERE to ask Mother Nature how she celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Apr 22, she might say that it was a quieter party compared to previous years. There were fewer humans on the streets, more wildlife roaming, the skies were clearer, she could breathe easier and the waters...

Jason Pomeroy, founder of Pomeroy Studio and Pomeroy Academy

LIKE MOST jet-setting professionals, the Covid-19 outbreak has put a damper on architect Jason Pomeroy’s travel schedule. The UK-born, Singapore-based architect is usually flying three times a week to Europe, the Middle East or around Asia, for work or lectures.  

Sculpted Blooms

FLOWERS HAVE THE power to brighten up any space, all the more so now that our own homes have become the focal point of our lives.

Be creative and get paid

ARE you someone who is creative, love to share your knowledge with others but not sure where's the best platform to do so?

City In Red

SCENES OF A QUIET Orchard Road, Marina Bay, and the CBD are now the new normal as people are told to stay home as part of “circuit breaker” measures.

Design on Film

SINCE MID MARCH, design fans have been getting their fix not from virtual museum tours or digital festivals but by watching the films of independent filmmaker and photographer, Gary Hustwit, who is streaming his movies for free during this Covid-19 outbreak.

Safe Scents

WASH YOUR HANDS. So we’re told repeatedly. But if soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer is the next best alternative.

Business As Usual

While most Singaporeans are still getting the hang of staying home during this Circuit Breaker period, Charles Yap has it down pat.

Living Bold

THE SHOW KITCHEN is the heart of every home, where friends gather to watch their food-loving host serve wine and canapes elegantly arranged on a shiny marble island.