Little big home

IN his seven years as an interior designer, Edward Seet has worked his way through every home configuration - large, small, odd-shaped, and more. But for his latest project, he had a vested interest - his own cosy apartment at Depot Road which he shares with his wife, Karen.

Home for the memories

WHEN educator Eric Lim was house hunting a few years ago, location wasn't a big issue for him. It was size. His new pad had to be big enough for him, and his growing family - of pets. Namely, a pig-nosed turtle, numerous platy fish, and several goldfinches. "Since I'm upgrading to a bigger place...

What's next for Golden Mile Complex?

MUCH has been discussed about Golden Mile Complex at Beach Road. Some laud it for its architectural and historical significance and call for it to be conserved while others consider it an eyesore and feel that it should be demolished.

Cosmetic touches

WHEN financial consultant Tammy Lee, 32, walked past Korean hair salon Walking on Sunshine at Orchard Central a few weekends ago, she did a double take. The sun-lit salon resembled a garden rather than a place to get her hair done. She goes to a regular hairstylist but says, "I may come for a...

Tomorrow's ideas, today

COVID-19 may have disrupted lives, but not the creativity of designers. As Red Dot Design Award's Asia president, Ken Koo puts it, "Our way of life, the way we connect with our families and friends, how we work and play has changed and is still evolving. Change is not always bad. This state of...

Architecture to save the world

SINCE the Covid-19 pandemic sent the world into crisis mode several months ago, festivals around the world have had to be postponed or cancelled. Thankfully, Archifest - a highlight of the architecture fraternity's calendar - is going on as planned. Organised by the Singapore Institute of...


Witty Wicker

FASHION designer Priscilla Shunmugam fondly recalls how, as a child growing up in the 1980s, rattan furniture was ubiquitous in her life. "The sofa set at home, Dad's reclining chair and even my rocking horse were all made of rattan," she says. "I didn't necessarily value it back then, perhaps...


Bold minimalism

WHEN you have an interior designer who knows exactly how to translate your requirements into a dream home, you hold on tight to him. That's what banker Chan Ee Tat did to Terence Neo, design director of EightyTwo, when he got the keys to his three-bedroom apartment in River Valley a few years...


Designer space

CELEBRATED HONG KONG-BORN architect/designer Andre Fu's name is synonymous with some of the best designed hotels in the world. In Singapore, he has left his stamp on the likes of The Fullerton Bay Hotel and Andaz Singapore.

An oasis of calm

WHEN the world outside is in a state of topsy-turvy, there is nothing like being in a home which exudes a sense of calm, comfort and familiarity.

Caring for your mind and body

You've heard about foot reflexology, but what about head reflexology? Scalp and hair treatment centre Vesure Hair Therapy believes it's about time to bring this obscure therapy into the mainstream.

The new office plan

AS the global pandemic continues to reshape lives in the new normal, so too has the workplace been in a state of flux. Be it working from home or going to the office in split teams with temperature checks and acrylic screens between desks, companies and employees try to find the right balance of...


Designer collaborations

Hello Kitty has found its way into Singapore's heritage, thanks to a tie-up between Sanrio and Photo Phactory, a homegrown company that captures Singapore's history through colourful prints of shophouses on various lifestyle products. It's a perfect cultural connection with the Japanese company...


Pushing forward in uncertain times

LIKE most people, Jaelle Ang, CEO of co-working space The Great Room, had great plans for 2020. "This was meant to be a big year for expansion," says Ms Ang, 40. "We had a 100 per cent commitment when we opened at Raffles Hotel Arcade late last year and at the beginning of 2020, we were...

The whimsical life

LIKE any father, Terence Neo dotes on his two daughters. Aged three and five, the girls get all their favourite toys and go out often for treats.

Knock on Wood

HOME decor themes may come and go, but wood is something that never goes out of style. "The appeal of wood and why we prefer it over any other material is its sensory characteristics such as colour, lustre and grain," says the Bali-based American designer Mary Justice Thomasson who worked with...

Living and working in the post-pandemic era

IT has been more than two months since Singapore cautiously reopened on June 19 after the circuit breaker period. But has life really gone back to normal? Not quite, as those who have gone back to work at the office will tell you. As our lives and routines are upended by the Covid-19 pandemic -...

Building smart solutions

Like most people around the world, Visal Leng, Johnson Controls' president for Asia-Pacific, has been working from home. Or in his case, for the past few months, in a serviced apartment in Singapore.

Suburban Sanctuary

AS retirees, Alex Yeow and his wife Jacqueline Loke have the luxury of time. So when they were looking to build their new home, they were in no rush to find the right site and an architect to build it.

Souvenirs for a Nation

Dragon Playground Pet Hideout

Spending in a pandemic

IN another life, businessman and investor Benjamin Goh's calendar was much like that of his fellow globetrotters - jetting around Asia once a month for work, and at least four times a year to Europe and beyond for both work and play. His passions are food, wine, culture, watches, cars - and his...

Freestyle living

AS an interior designer, Cherin Tan, creative director at LAANK, is tasked with turning her clients' carefully drawn plans into reality.

Pandemic skin and hair solutions

CAN Covid-19 make your hair fall out? Can wearing a mask give you acne?

Nostalgic Charm

IF Stacy Chai and Dennis Lim had their way, they would be living in a conservation home, perhaps one of the black and white bungalows built by the British, or a Peranakan shophouse.

Classic Beauty

DENNIS CHEOK, creative director of design firm Upstairs_, is a big fan of vintage modern furniture. “Each piece tells a story of its time and evolution, and represents it in a tangible and recognizable physical form,” he says.