OCBC contributes S$300k to set up first community shop

OCBC Bank will contribute a sum of S$300,000 and volunteer support for the operation of the first community shop in Singapore.


Spreading cheer with bags of 'blessings'

CHINESE New Year is drawing to a close, but the items that single mum Ang Lian Kim received in her festive bag will last her beyond the festive season.


Make your hongbao green - recycle the empty red packets

HOW was your hongbao harvest this year? You probably "earned" a few hundred dollars and a cardboard box. That is if you recycled.

Deliveroo expands Meals-On-Wheels initiative with TOUCH

NG Kim Seng, 62, was one of the beneficiaries to receive a meal from TOUCH's Meals-On-Wheels (MOW) initiative earlier this month.

Run for Hope back to raise funds for cancer research

FOO Choon Mei was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and was treated for it in February 2016.

Jay Chou takes fans down memory lane

You don't need to be a fan to know Jay Chou is in town.

J J Lin's home-coming concert a huge success

WHO needs Speak Mandarin Campaign when there is JJ Lin? The homegrown Mando-pop idol is the perfect poster boy to motivate anyone to speak the language so they too can be one step closer to superstardom.


The Nurturing Co raises S$200,000 in seed round

THE Nurturing Co, a sustainable products company based in Singapore focused on creating and distributing products made from bamboo under the Bambooloo brand, has closed its initial angel seed round.


Tackling tough issues with seniors

END-OF-LIFE issues are considered taboo, particularly in Asian culture, and people - especially the elderly - shy away from talking about it.


Zooming in on the larger issue with PMDs

"AIYAH, lady, if you walking so slowly, don't take centre lane, lah!" This sentence was hurled at my mum as a middle-aged man zipped past onhis e-scooter, which is probably now scrap metal in some recycling yard.


Building a City of Good

AS a child, Leow Shu Mei never felt that there was anything wrong or different about herself. But others saw her as the odd one out. She had trouble keeping up at school, was ridiculed for being "slow" and was left out of activities.

Relay Majulah raises S$1.6m for President's Challenge

ALSON Wang was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was three months old.


Putting their heads together to think green

WHEN most 11-year-olds were out having fun on Fridays and their holidays, Jeanieve Lim from Mee Toh School was thinking of ways to help the environment.

Growing for good: Sustaining a volunteer culture

KEPPEL Corporation executive Ariel Tee took a different sort of leave from work in September. She went on volunteerism leave with a group of colleagues to Mabian, Sichuan.


Mindset raises S$365,000 for mental health

"GOT skills, no luck" was the name of the team that represented Jardine Cycle & Carriage at The Mindset Challenge & Carnival 2019, which aimed to raise funds for mental health.

Don't forget - concert to raise awareness of Alzheimer's

WHEN Yvette Lim (not her real name) found herself suffering from short-term memory lapses, a medical check confirmed that she had Alzheimer's.


CapitaLand launches S$750,000 programme with NTUC First Campus

AN'AHQIL Nul'ishqi Farhan Fairus is a six-year-old at My First Skool who spoke only in his mother tongue when he first started classes. Since joining the Classroom Support Programme, and with the guidance of his classroom co-facilitator, Nur Khairiyah Sharun, he has since improved his English...

Singtel Carnival brings a day of fun to special needs students

ALISTER ONG has cerebral palsy, but that has not stopped him from overcoming the odds.


Social media: What’s behind those ‘likes’

"BOUGHT a condo and Porsche on the same day" - so ran a post on Facebook by a former schoolmate. Said post was followed by an emoji of a wad of money taking flight.

OCBC gives S$1m to help make pre-school more accessible

THANESWARY Sangra Narayanan, 34, is the mother of a three-year-old daughter who is in the playgroup class at My First Skool @ Boon Lay Community Centre.

Even fast cars need data protection

THINK about Formula One, and images of fast cars and racers come to mind. The one thing that these competing teams have in common is Atlas (Advanced Telemetry Linked Acquisition System). All the teams use this software package developed by McLaren Applied Technologies to obtain data from the...

IBM helps young students develop Pathways in Technology

STUDENTS Muhammad Huzaifah Hashim, at ITE West and Koh Ke Xin at ITE East, both 17, are part of Pathways in Technology (P-Tech) programme by IBM.


Growing Singapore's pool of senior volunteers

MORNI SULAIMAN, a former teacher and banker, and Lily Chan, a retired educationist - at 75 and 58 respectively, are volunteers of RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers. Mr Morni mentors a group of at-risk primary school children from low-income families, and Ms Chan applies the...


Setting the right boundaries

LOSING a job is a blow to almost anyone. Losing it due to the indiscretion of a colleague, who was a friend, is a double whammy. That was what happened to A.

Celebrities raise S$13.2k for charity

CELEBRITIES Li Nanxing and Christopher Lee cooked up a storm at Taste Butchery & Seafood Factory Outlet on Wednesday and raised S$13,200 for charity.